The future of Wearable technology

On Africa's Runway.......
ADM's innovative vision is to see a partnership of industry giants to produce stylish gadgets which are concealed and which can furnish boundless solutions. A blend of African fashion and Technology in our runways, everyday living and healthcare.  
Wearable Technology represents a major new opportunity for African brands including traditional and luxury brands, looking to gain a competitive edge in the fashion and retail market. 
 The technology has become pervasive and has become a part of virtually all the products we buy and ultimately therefore of our lives. 
 The digitalization of fashion and emergence of Fashion Tech is hard to escape.
 Currently, Companies such as Fossil sells a luxury/fashion device, while BBK focuses on child-monitoring devices, and Li-Ning offers step-counting shoes. While they offer a variety of capabilities, what unites most wearable technology products is that they use sensor makers embedded into everyday products like a watch, shoe, headband or necklace.